A Tiny Creature With A Big Heart

 When Joel and I first brought Ozzie home from the SPCA, I thought we had made a mistake. I had never owned a Siamese critter before and she meowed and paced and raced around all night. During her first week with us, she had two vet visits, one because she had sprained her front paw […]

They Know || Buttertubs Marsh, Nanaimo

  Every time I stand still in the marsh, ducks come swimming over. Clearly, I look like the kind of person who feeds ducks. I’ve only fed ducks once as an adult. I was in England, visiting Canterbury Cathedral and there was a one-legged duck in the parking lot outside the grocery store. He was […]

Update || Basil The Fox

A plumber made a mistake on the third floor of our condo building. Water poured out of the pipe for almost 1/2 an hour. By the time they stopped it there was a small lake in our condo on the main floor. Sorry for not posting pics! We’re staying with family for a few days […]

Basil || Nanaimo

  His whiskers were crooked so I gave him a home. I can’t stand the thought that little toy critters may never find a home because there’s something wrong with them. What if they’re missing an eye and no one will buy them? If it weren’t for my friend, Zea, I would think I was […]