My Favorite Beach

My Doctor’s office is a couple of blocks from my favourite beach. Today he told me to go home and rest until Wednesday so I sneaked to the beach on the way home.  Sebastian beach is never too busy and there’s always something happening there. Today, the sea lions were feeding on the herring that […]

Popup Libraries Are A Thing

I have noticed, recently, that there are a few more popup Libraries in Nanaimo. I love it. We drop our used books there and pick up a few more every so often. It’s fun. And it makes a lot of sense. What’s wrong with giving something away? Why do we have to donate it to […]

Seahorses Are Endangered || I Want To Save Them All

  Thanks to my Dive Instructor and the founder of Marine Conservation Cambodia, I’ve seen sea horses in the ocean. It’s rare. In many South East Asian countries sea horses are hung up and dried to sell as tourist attractions. Sad. These little creatures are amazing.