The Storm Is Passing

It’s been a snowy few days here in Sook. I don’t mind it. We had snowball fights, we walked, we drove when we had to (thank you Subaru.) It’s been nice seeing people help each other, watching businesses take care of their staff by sending them home early… things like that are good. It reminds […]

Making Planets

I made this little garden planet with the “Living Planet” app. It uses a complex formula to swirl a photo into a globe shape. In the most recent app update the creators added a lot of editing tools. I’ve been really enjoying the app. It takes a bit of time to learn how to compose […]

Seahorses Are Endangered || I Want To Save Them All

  Thanks to my Dive Instructor and the founder of Marine Conservation Cambodia, I’ve seen sea horses in the ocean. It’s rare. In many South East Asian countries sea horses are hung up and dried to sell as tourist attractions. Sad. These little creatures are amazing.