My Favorite Beach

My Doctor’s office is a couple of blocks from my favourite beach. Today he told me to go home and rest until Wednesday so I sneaked to the beach on the way home.  Sebastian beach is never too busy and there’s always something happening there. Today, the sea lions were feeding on the herring that […]

The Afternoon || Piper’s Lagoon

I think we saw every kind of weather today. We woke up to big, fluffy, white snowflakes.  The rain started shortly afterwards. By the time Joel and I went out to go to the ocean there was a lot of cool mist and then we could see a huge fog bank rolling in. It’s one […]

High Tide || Sebastian Beach

  I’ve been trying to learn more about tides. It’s more complicated than I thought. I don’t think I was really aware of the fact that there are two tides each day. I mean, somewhere in my mind I knew that but now that I have started looking up the tides it’s obvious. It all […]

In The Fog || Sebastian Beach

The fog is a little chilly but it’s always great for taking photos. Beaches like this are also great for meeting dogs. I like to sit on the driftwood and wait and all the dogs that are walking their owners seem to feel it’s their duty to come and say hello to me 🙂 Maybe […]