A Tiny Creature With A Big Heart

 When Joel and I first brought Ozzie home from the SPCA, I thought we had made a mistake. I had never owned a Siamese critter before and she meowed and paced and raced around all night. During her first week with us, she had two vet visits, one because she had sprained her front paw […]

Proud To Be A Kinzie

  My husband, Joel, and I just returned home from a remarkable trip.  Grandpa Kinzie was turning 95 and he wanted us all to be there with him in Barrie, Ontario. There was to be an open house and a family dinner and much catching up. We enjoyed ourselves so much I think we would […]

Making Planets

I made this little garden planet with the “Living Planet” app. It uses a complex formula to swirl a photo into a globe shape. In the most recent app update the creators added a lot of editing tools. I’ve been really enjoying the app. It takes a bit of time to learn how to compose […]