Family Is Good

  Neil is Joel’s cousin. Seventeen months ago, he and his amazing wife, Etsuko had a new addition to their family. She’s our Goddaughter and her name is Neko. She is an inquisitive, independent, hilarious, amazing little creature and it was an absolute joy to meet her. Neko will always have a place with us […]

Not All Who Wander …

Not being able to walk has really changed my mind about a lot of things. If I were able to get up these stairs I would start climbing and never stop. It might seem silly but I never wanted to do things more than I did the moment I was told that I couldn’t.  

Chinese Cemetery In The Fog || Nanaimo

We are lucky enough to live close to the Chinese Cemetery here in Nanaimo. I’ve always loved cemeteries, not for some strange ‘goth’ reason, because they are peaceful. It’s never more peaceful than in the ocean fog. It was a very misty and rainy day here today and this was the view from the bottom […]