Dangers of Being a Photographer: the Attck

This fellow bit my mom last year.

This year – he was posing sweetly for me and then suddenly he was trying to wrestle me.

Emus are strong.

5 replies to “Dangers of Being a Photographer: the Attck

  1. I love Emus, and being in Australia I get to see a few of them every now and again. They certainly have interesting unique personalities.. MOST I have encountered do NOT like Cameras.. lol

    1. HAHAHAH they certainly don’t! I’ve been nipped at by them more than once. I wonder what it is that bothers them

      1. I suspect they just don’t like having their pictures in the public domain? #MindMyPrivacy Eh? lol

        If you were using a flash, I could understand, but when I have taken some close ups – with no flash in the bright of the day, they have still not been overally keen.

      2. hehe no flash so you must be right! I should have asked them to sign a release first!

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