Popup Libraries Are A Thing

2016 July 1673I have noticed, recently, that there are a few more popup Libraries in Nanaimo. I love it. We drop our used books there and pick up a few more every so often. It’s fun. And it makes a lot of sense.

What’s wrong with giving something away? Why do we have to donate it to a place that will sell it? (One obvious exception to that is the Literacy Central Vancouver Island bookstore in downtown Nanaimo. Great cause!) A lot of the, so called, “Thrift Stores” in town are for-profit businesses that are privately owned.

Giving books a place to live temporarily is a wonderful idea. This little library in a downtown neighbourhood seems to be quite busy. The little birdhouses that decorate the fence around it are an added attraction. I’m not sure who runs this little gem, but I thank them.

2 replies to “Popup Libraries Are A Thing

  1. I love popup Libraries. There was one a block from where I used to live and there are a few around the city I live now. It is a great way to discover books when you’re wandering around town. You also get an idea of what people are into. 🙂

    1. That’s a good point. I peek into a few different little libraries and, you’re right, everything is quite different. I photograph them all too. I think they’re terrific

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