Family Is Good

  Neil is Joel’s cousin. Seventeen months ago, he and his amazing wife, Etsuko had a new addition to their family. She’s our Goddaughter and her name is Neko. She is an inquisitive, independent, hilarious, amazing little creature and it was an absolute joy to meet her. Neko will always have a place with us […]

Mussel Beach Is Beautiful

Joel’s cousin was here to visit with his lovely family and we took them to Mussel Beach Wilderness Campground. It’s absolutely amazing there. It’s probably the most beautiful setting for camping that I’ve ever encountered. It poured rain and we still loved it. We fell asleep to the sounds of the rain on our tents, […]

Proud To Be A Kinzie

  My husband, Joel, and I just returned home from a remarkable trip.  Grandpa Kinzie was turning 95 and he wanted us all to be there with him in Barrie, Ontario. There was to be an open house and a family dinner and much catching up. We enjoyed ourselves so much I think we would […]

Fire & Rescue || Nanaimo

  I’ve always had a great deal of admiration for people who choose a career in any kind of rescue or law enforcement. My interest could have come from the fact that my Mom was a police officer in England. I grew up in the kind of family where people don’t shy away from helping […]