Sea Monkeys ||Not Just Brine Shrimp

Photo 2-4-2014, 5 18 16 PM

I didn’t ever have Sea Monkeys when I was a kid. I’m not sure why. I think they’ve been around forever. The package has changed over the years, as has the container. The Magic Castle is pretty damn cool. I don’t think I even tried to raise them until I was an adult.

My friend Zea is the only other person I know of who keeps sea monkeys from time to time. heh  A deep bond we share! Sea Monkey parenting. This batch has, so far, yielded four baby sea monkeys. I’ve fed them once and will feed them as soon as they water seems clear again. it’s hard to take photos of the littler critters.

If you watch for movement in the video below – you should be able to see them. Little suckers are impossible to focus on though.

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